Team & Organization Assessments

GlobalEdg offers a selection of team and organizational assessments to assist your organization in determining the effectiveness of your management practices, the perception of your leadership team and culture and how engaged your employees are in helping your organization grow and reach its full potential.

Organizational Alignment Index

Improve Your Organization’s Results Through Strategic Thinking and Alignment

GlobalEdg’s Organizational Alignment Index (OAI) is designed to assess the degree to which your organization has a system in place and whether the organization receives the information it needs to make critical decisions about its future strategic direction.  The OAI is a tool that allows you to assess your organization’s effectiveness by identifying key issues to ensure that you can align and execute strategies that drive improvement and growth.  After executing the assessment, the results will help you determine if your organization has developed and implemented strategies and processes that will ensure long-term viability, competitiveness and success.

And the OAI is:

  • quick –survey can be completed in 20 minutes or less
  • flexible – can be used with a work group, division or your entire organization
  • valid and reliable – utilizing normative data and our continuous data collection and analysis, we can accurately measure strategic thinking capability and provide a roadmap for organizational improvement

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BEST:  “Building Engagement Successfully Together”

Creating The High Performing Organization You Want To Be

The BEST survey instrument is used by GlobalEdg to assist organizations in assessing employee engagement.  The flexible assessment tool contains a number of valid and reliable questions.  For each consultation, selected questions are chosen to best meet the organization’s objectives.  BEST can be used in a workgroup, division or for the entire organization and allows you to compare your organization’s results to other comparable organizations, using normative data, to quickly assess your strengths and opportunities.  Together is the key word in the consultative next phase as Managers and Associates work together, under the supervision of our trained consultants,  to determine how BEST to continually create the organization that external stakeholders, management and employees can take pride in representing.

The BEST instrument provides insight on:

  • Organizational Mission and Direction
  • Management Support
  • Work Environment
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Growth and Development Culture
  • Customer Relationships