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A comprehensive approach to identifying & developing leadership capability from Executives to first level management. GlobalEdg has defined 4 leadership capabilities that, when developed, produce high levels of performance. This approach provides a "blueprint for leadership success."

Blueprint for Leadership Success™

Using our Blueprint for Leadership Success™ leaders will learn how to build capabilities in four "development pillars":

Blueprint for Leadership Success™

Pillar I:
Develop Yourself
Leaders begin by developing their own capabilities so that they will be more effective in developing and leading others.
Pillar II:
Develop Your Team
As skilled leaders themselves, they are better able to build the capability and commitment of the people they lead.
Pillar III:
Develop Collaborative Relationships
With a strong team in place, leaders create true customer value through better innovation across the organization.
Pillar IV:
Develop Sustainable
When the first three pillars are in place, leaders grow the business and build shareholder value. Today more weight is put on leadership capability when investors determine the value of the firm.

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