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The proven plan for making strategic thinking part of any organization’s DNA to drive sustainable growth

In today’s ultra-competitive business world, the difference between success and failure lies in the ability to get every employee to think and behave like a strategist.

Think to Win helps business leaders expand strategic thinking out of the purview of “the elite few” and into the company culture as whole. It offers a simple, proven approach to analyzing and solving old or new challenges and provides a common language anyone at any level in the organization can understand.  To pre-order your copy today click here.

Praise for Think to Win

”If you’re going to win in today’s hyper-tough, global business environment, you’d better outthink your competitors. And Think to Win shows you how. It’s the winning approach I’ve used to turnaround companies like Nabisco and Gillette and launch several new billion-dollar businesses.”
James M Kilts, co-founder, Centerview Capital, former CEO of Kraft, Nabisco and Gillette and vice-chair of Procter & Gamble

”For CEOs and all leaders who want to outthink their competitors, Think To Win is a good place to start. The book is loaded with practical concepts and best practices from world-class companies and leaders that can be easily applied to any business. A wonderful read for action-oriented leaders.”
James D White, Chairman, President and CEO, Jamba Juice

Think to Win turns strategic thinking into action and results. For leaders and those who want to be leaders, Think to Win offers a proven model that combines clear principles with a disciplined process to achieve superior performance. I’ve used the Think to Win approach to revitalize stagnant businesses, turn around troubled ones and ignite global growth opportunities. Think to Win engages an organization in understanding the realities of the situation, aligning on goals and driving improvement.”
Daryl Brewster, President and CEO, CECP and former CEO Krispy Kreme

”With so much information and noise coming at us every second of the day, it’s good to have a book that gives us a workable, practical approach for creating a vision and grasping the insights to guide us to success. Think To Win not only provides the formula for winning, it also is filled with real world examples to illustrate it.”
Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, a Digital/Social Media Brand Agency, Video Blogger, Co-Owner of Winelibrary, Author and Public Speaker

Think To Win distills the authors’ decades of experience in turning around troubled businesses and igniting growth in mature businesses into a practical approach that engages and empowers the entire organization to think strategically and act with urgency. Its real world case histories are as entertaining as they are instructive.”
Bryan G. Stockton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mattel, Inc.

Think To Win shows business leaders how to extend strategic thinking out of the purview of the “elite few” and into the company culture as a whole. It’s a simple, proven approach to analyzing and solving old or new challenges and provides a common language anyone at any level in the organization can understand.”
Joseph E. Scalzo, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.

”For those leaders who have struggled to improve strategic thinking throughout their organizations, Think To Win provides a tried and tested approach that works with companies large and small. And since the best thought out plans in the world are worthless unless you make them happen, Think To Win has a roadmap for executing with excellence.”
Richard H. Lenny, Former Chairman and CEO, The Hershey Company

Think To Win shows the benefits of thinking both strategically and simply. The ability to Think-Plan-Act with clarity makes a difference. Organizations perform better over time with leaders and managers who can spot and avoid things that are distractions and time-wasters and focus on the few things that produce sustained results.”
John A. Quelch, Harvard Business School, Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration; Harvard School of Public Health, Professor in Health Policy and Management

”Nothing needs solid strategic thinking more than health care insurance. Think to Win is a great place to find the clear principles, disciplined process and vision that would make a huge difference.”
Francis S. Molloy, former Chief Operating Officer, NY Blue Shield

”If you want to help your organization grow, Think to Win is a must-read book. With the constantly changing demands of all business, day-to-day challenges dominate our lives. But strategic thinking has never been more important. And Think to Win shows how strategic thinking can become part of the fabric of every organization and every person in it.”
Kelly J. Haecker, The WhiteWave Food Company, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President

Think To Win is more than a fool-proof approach for making strategic thinking accessible to everyone. It’s a way of looking at all aspects of business with an open mind that challenges all assumptions, engages the entire organization and drives superior performance. “
Jim Holbrook, President & CEO Post Consumer Brands

Think To Win shows business leaders the importance of ensuring strategic thinking is not viewed as the purview of the “elite few” and is embedded in the company culture as a whole. It’s a simple, proven approach to analyzing and solving old or new challenges and provides a common language anyone at any level in the organization can understand. This is the key to turning strategy into execution and delivering superior marketplace results.”
Sandra (Sandi) E. Peterson, Johnson & Johnson Group Worldwide Chairman and member of the Executive Committee

”Paul, John and Peter have hit a home run with Think To Win. Strategy is not about budgeting and it’s not executing to incremental goals. It’s thinking differently about what can be done and how to make that happen. What’s needed is different thinking combined with a shared language and tools to make it happen. They’ve pulled it off. Think to Win is about how to differentiate your business in the eyes of target customers and create the conditions where they would rather work with you than with anyone else. This is so much easier said than done. The good news is the authors have been implementing these ideas for many years and have a track record of success.”
Norm Smallwood, Co-Author of Results-Based Leadership and The Leadership Code

”The five principles of Think to Win are a game changer in strategic thinking. The brilliance is in the simplicity of the process which begins by ensuring you ask the right questions so you identify the right area to focus upon. This book is practical, filled with case examples and how-tos. The process works for organizations and for individuals. Utilizing these five principles is definitely a formula for winning!”
Dana Robinson, Co-author of Performance Consulting and Strategic Business Partner


About the Authors

Paul Butler is the founder and Managing Director of GlobalEdg LLC.
John F. Manfredi founded the strategic consulting and communications group Manloy Associates and co-author of Doing What Matters.
Peter Klein is the founder of the growth-management consultancy PK Associates.